People have an inherent fear for everything including animals, from ants to leopards, from lions to scorpions and from snakes to zebras.

                                                    A snake

These are physical creatures some of whose presence actually evoke fear in people. I, for instance don’t like going near snakes even when they are dead.

There are also abstract things which are just imaginations in the mind that also evoke fear in people. For example if you fear darkness because you think it will catch you that is your own imagination. Darkness can never catch you neither can it cause any harm to you.

There is a condition known as gerascophobia (which is already known to readers of this blog on my post titled HOW TO AVOID THE FEAR OF AGEING published on 21st February, 2017) which is an imagination in the mind that evokes fear of ageing or growing old in certain people.

Gerascophobia is the inherent fear of ageing and nothing more than that. www.fearof.net. If you fear to grow old you suffer from this psychological disorder. Do not worry if you are one because I bring you here 12 effective ways to conquer your fear and live forever if you wish. I have written these guidelines for you after extensive research and observation about lifestyles of the young and old alike, but this post  applies more to the older because their level of fear if higher.

One of my observations is that between men and women it is the latter who always want to look young. I am yet to find out the reason for this; whether it is the fear of aging or it is to please men or both or none of these. Men normally don’t care about their looks; they care much about how to make money for women to enjoy.

Closeup portrait of a woman applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation on the face using  makeup brush.

If you are an older person of 40 years and above and want to practice these hints, expect and enjoy the gossip about you since observers shall be concerned and worried about changes you are going to introduce into your lifestyle and start speaking behind you. Never mind anyone and never look back.

                                              Gossiping ?

Step Out of Your Age Group

Why hang around people of your age group when you want to avoid ageing and live young forever? Make more friends with younger people. Mix with the friends of your children and have some fun together. Learn some tricks they use to outsmart their parents and let your mind think and act like a youngster.

Do more daring things like riding a bicycle uphill, climbing a mountain and playing basketball but check your heartbeat every 5 minutes.

  1. Live a Clean Lifestyle

You have to live a clean and healthy life devoid of smoking and drinking because these things contribute greatly to the ageing process.

Your meals should be nutritious to keep you in good condition. If possible see a Dietitian for recommendations about your food intake. Certain foods are not good for your body and you unknowingly take them and they work against your good health, speeding your ageing process.


If you live in the tropics where mosquitoes breed, do all you can to stay clear of those nasty insects because they can end your life abruptly if you constantly allow them near you. Living a clean lifestyle involves having clean compounds and surroundings where no dangerous insects or reptiles can hide to cause harm to you.

  1. Start Being More Fashionable

Want to look young? Watch out for the latest fashion designs in town and compete with the youth in trying them on. Watch carefully what they like to wear most but try not to ridicule yourself by trying to outsmart them. Remember you are an older person trying to hide away from your actual age so tread cautiously.

The skin of a young person is fresher and smoother than yours so take great care where dressing reveals much of the skin. You can ignore this if you care less about how your skin looks since your focus is on making people see how young an old person like you can look with fashionable dressing.

  1. Look Sexy

                                            Sexy young lady

Looking sexy is a great way to look young. If you’re a woman, remember that you advertise yourself to men to come for you.  Looking quite sexy from your fashionable clothes, you’ll soon get tired of turning down love proposals from men who see you the way you want them to see you and they may consider you to be a disrespectful harlot.

Men are fond of giving bad names to girls who refuse their advances. They deliberately refuse to see the angel you are and give you a name you can go to hell with. Ladies with resolute characters do not mind what names they are given by irresponsible men.

                                             A beautiful lady

No matter what their ages are women will always want to look young to make themselves attractive to men, but some will deny this. If not men, who do they worry themselves to please? Of course if they stop making themselves attractive the dating and the courting and the marriage all won’t be interesting games men will play. So please carry on.

  1. Revitalize Your Sex Life

No one looks so sexy without ending up having great sex to climax the whole show. Sex has a variety of styles and benefits to suit all ages and you have to try those you’ve never tried before, or may be retry those you tried when you were younger. It doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom in the missionary position. That is the normal, boring position most people are comfortable with.

Try something else to put adventure in your sex life.  Young people, sometimes afraid of being caught, hurriedly have sex in some obscure corner with their clothes on. Trying that provides some change and fun to your sex life. Here’s a secret: women enjoy sex more with men younger than themselves, and younger men can rock more that older men because their testosterone levels are higher.

So, to the women, dress younger, look younger, move with a younger lad to rock you young and feel younger. Don’t mind those gossipers. Visit www.sexzytools.com to see what advice they have for you.

  1. Get Some Weird Haircut

The normal thing for the youth nowadays is to be identified with some weird haircut. That’s what all the world’s football stars are teaching us and we will pick them up whether they look nice or not. The more weird yours is, the more recognized you are.

                          Modern Haircuts

Once the rich and famous in the game of football are doing it, they endorse it for our children to copy. Now if you’re a parent and your teenage son comes home one day with an unusual haircut and you dare ask him what haircut style he/she has brought home, he will go call his friends to help him laugh at you because you may still be living in the 19th Century.

Just go get one of those haircuts for yourself and you are among them, period!

  1. Finding Your Clan

Finding your clan means finding and meeting people with whom you share common interests, ideas or likes. Those who think and act like you do. In such a clan you always feel welcome, accepted, comfortable and happy.

                           Every one is comfortable and happy in the group

When you find someone supporting your ideas in an argument you feel quite satisfied with the person whether you know him or not. You find him to be a compatible friend and wish he could be with you always to support your ideas.

Getting someone who supports your thoughts and ideas makes life a little bit easy compared to someone who opposes and criticizes whatever you do. So to be happier in life you have to find and move with friends who think and act like you.

You know most students dislike their headmaster/headmistress? The reason being that the headmaster is always on the lookout to punish those whose behavior and actions are not in conformity with policies and regulations of the school, and this they won’t like him a bit for it because his strictness does not make him their clan member.

  1. Hang Around Late?

If you want to look younger you cannot retire to bed around 8pm. That is not in the character of the youth.

The lifestyle of the youth involves hanging around with friends and lovers deep into the night and sleeping very late. Subsequently they wake up late in the morning, defying calls by mothers to wake up and sweep the compound or wash plates.

May be it will be useless hanging around so late having nothing to do outside so a better option is to sleep early and wake up early to do some household chores. Unless of course your desire has yielded your expectation and you’ve got some young lad to caress you out there in the dark and hope to enjoy yourself passionately.

Otherwise hanging around late is a bad practice you can abandon and go to bed early, have your 8 hours sleep and wake up rather refreshed in the morning.

  1. Play Teenagers’ Games

There are games you play according to your age. This conforms to age appropriate behavior. Teenagers love to fly kites on the beaches or windy areas. It is very interesting to watch your kite fly high into the sky and disappear. This puts a smile on your face all day long because you have been successful.

Some teenagers like to ride bicycles and display riding skills. They can display all sorts of skillful gimmicks which are a delight to watch.

Which teenage games will be appropriate for you considering your concealed age vis-à-vis the rate of your heartbeat? Some games can take a toll on your breadth so watch out. Play soft games like emm, walking on a rope. Huh?

There is something surprising about games children play. You will find children play a particular game in say, Accra. Nobody has gone to say, Lagos or London to tell children there what games those in Accra play but you will invariably find those children playing the same game. Can somebody tell me why?

  1. Listen to the Latest Music

You can’t do without listening to the latest music in town and try to sing or hum it. Almost all the latest music now comes in the form of videos and most are accompanied by some kind of acrobatic dance. You have to pretend to be either the singer or the dancer or both.

The faster you know how to sing the song the more modern you are because you are in touch with the latest trends in town.

It is not only a matter of listening to the latest music but going out to attend musical concerts and live performances. Join the youngsters to dance when they do so. Dancing is a mild exercise which can help put you in shape.

  1. Start a New Business or Learn a New Skill

Start a business of your own and no one can force you to go on retirement. You know retirement comes along with resting and growing older so escape from it.

By managing your own business you’ll always be thinking of ideas to promote your company so you will be exercising your mind and body and people will be hearing about you so you will not fall into oblivion soon, like those retired.

      Be your own manager

Alternatively you can learn a new skill to keep you active in life. Your new skill will encourage you to develop some ideas which you can share with others, and the younger ones will like you for it.

  1. Offer Help to Others

Offer help to people when they need them and you will receive blessings from them which will make you live longer, not  older. You get a sense of good feeling or spiritual fulfillment from giving help to other people. It is God’s will for you to give help to other people as He has instructed us to carry one another’s burden.

Can you now answer my question at 9 in the comments section?







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