Before I continue with my next post I will like to reproduce here my introductory post which I believe shall help new visitors to appreciate what to expect on this blog. This introductory post was first published about 7 weeks ago.

” Welcome aboard,young and old people alike! This new post is for you.and as the name suggests, its about you growing from youth to adulthood to old age. It is about your lifestyle, behavior , desires and expectations as you grow from one stage of life to the next.

I am going to offer a general guide and advice to the youth as they mature from one stage of life to the next;  the things they have to stop doing and those they have to learn or know as they gradually mature into adulthood. What their expectations from parents and society are in the various stages, their desires, responsibilities, appointments and disappointments.

Then also what parents and society expect from the youth as future leaders of nations.

I shall offer an opportunity to share your concerns and improve your understanding of issues concerned with growing. These shall involve issues on education, sexual behavior, marriage, employment and most things that are of concern to the youth.

As life spans across a period of about 100 years this blog post shall not be limited to issues about only young people growing into adulthood but also on adult people growing into older life.

At what age does a man or woman no more need guidance in life? Quite interestingly the world is such that by the time you know your way round you have nowhere to go. Yes, at a certain stage in a man’s life he will have nowhere to go. He will be confined to his arm- or wheel-chair.

Even as adults grow older and older they reach stages they never had any experiences about. For example a woman may not know about the menopausal feeling until she gets into it and experiences it. Similarly, a worker may not know how to manage life at retirement until he/she has gone on retirement and starts to manage that new life.

Retirement brings a worker to the next and a crucial stage in his or her life cycle and without proper guidelines and prior planning, believe me it could be a messy new stage.

Dear reader, whether you are young or old, this post certainly has something of interest for you once or twice a week; something that may provide you with guidelines or solutions to certain problems you may encounter as you keep growing.

People with specialist knowledge like Doctors, Dieticians and others as well as Lawyers may be invited as special guests once a while to post topics about specific issues that will be of benefit to you.

Keep visiting this site and you’ll definitely read something to guide you as you keep growings older.”


The percentage of unemployed youth across countries keeps on increasing steadily as new graduates are produced each year without any corresponding increase in the rate at which they are employed. Are you one of them? Wait for me, I am coming up with some suggestions next week. Don’t fail to meet me here.

Till then, adieu.



At 18 you’re still considered a teenager but at the same time you have attained maturity as a fully grown adult who becomes fully responsible for all his actions.

You can marry or sue someone in court at 18 years. It simply means you are matured.

This is your first year in adult life and I am going to guide you through 22 things you need to know at your fingertips to be able to lead an effective and meaningful adult life.

First of all you have to let go of most of those teenage tendencies and characteristics like rebelling against authority, clinging to peers most of the time, staying outside the home for long hours and the inclination to lead an irresponsible life. Leave them all behind you.

Most young people are certainly above 18 years but did not get the chance to learn these virtues. Older people will also benefit from reading these lines to refresh their minds to keep themselves on the good track. Well, education has no end and there is no end to learning.

Let us all join hands to learn these good virtues and encourage one another in times of adversity in an effort to build a better world for ourselves.



Learn to make your own decisions. Do not rely much on what friends and peers advice, some of them may be treacherous. Some may envy you and ill-advise you. Seek advice from elderly people where necessary to take the best decisions for yourself.

You are guided on HOW TO TAKE RIGHT DECISIONS AFFECTING YOUR LIFE so you have less to worry about.


Learn to stay focused on your objective. Difficulties may come your way in whatever you set yourself up to achieve but strive on. Friends may laugh at you to distract you or to discourage you but stay focused. You alone know what has motivated you to follow that path.



Keep your virginity intact if you’re one. It will help build trust from your future partner. It may be difficult to get virgins at 18 but certainly the few who are shall soon have the pride and pleasure of being one.



  1. DRUGS

Stay away from drugs. Drugs have a long term effect and may destroy rather than help you. People who have involved themselves in drugs, either using them or selling them have always had problems. The problems are either with the police or with the effect of the drug.

Drug use hurts the people who take them and others as well. According to medical experts it hurts the body and brain, in extreme cases, forever.




A good thing remains a good thing irrespective of the number of people who                    use it, and those who know it have a duty to tell those who don’t know.

It is a good thing to be God fearing, for the fear of the Lord is the beginning

of wisdom, and all things work together for good for those who love God.

  1. ANGER

Learn to control your anger at all times. Anything bad can happen when you have lost your temper in a misunderstanding or disagreement.

A little advice from the book of psalms will complement my advice, and then I shall tell you next what happens by the life you lead at 18.

‘’Cease from anger and forsake wrath, do not fret– it only causes harm.’’

Psalm 37 v 8

  1. YOUR LIFE AT 18


The way you lead your life at 18 may determine the course of your entire life. By 18, you know the type of person you are.  You have

already molded your character and know whether you are ambitious or the                            lazy type, bad tempered or have patience, bold or timid, wise or stupid.

You may not know it, but the little, little things that you do will follow you the rest of your life and shall have a bigger impact on you as you keep growing. Growing older starts from the day you are born and not when you have crossed 50.

At 18, do not think the rest of time is for you. Life is very short indeed so take note and live by that notion.



If I want to say something about youth dressing in today’s world then I had better see a modern day fashion expert because what one may see as good dressing may be bad dressing for another. All I want to state here is that you must learn to dress decently. In some parts of the world like where I am located the way you dress speak volumes about you, and your character can be read by an elderly person.



  1. TRUST

Learn to trust no one. The world is full of mischievous people. There are wolves clothed in sheep skins. Beware!

Don’t even trust an ATM machine. Count your money after the machine spits it out. There could be a mistake somewhere.





Learn to be compromising, it shows that you love, care for and have sympathy for others. It is not always that you should have everything for yourself, though they belong to you. It is good to share what you have with others and sometimes forgive and forget to bring peace.




Very good opportunities come only once in a lifetime. Learn to grab a good opportunity when it comes your way. If you let go of it, you will run and run after it and never catch it.




Never lose an opportunity to learn whilst you are still young. Knowledge will forever rule over ignorance. Knowledge is power so seek it at all cost.




Learn to shun pride and arrogance even if you are already shining like a star, or it’s your father who feeds the nation. Humility and sobriety are virtues which can take you to a higher level for God will humble everyone who exalts him/herself and will exalt those who humble themselves.




Learn to take criticisms in good faith. Recognize that people close to you are concerned about you and mean well. Sometimes you may not recognize yourself that you are treading on a bad path. Someone close to you will see and prompt you. Take no offence; be grateful to the one who prompted you.




It is not always that you will have things going smoothly the way you want it. Learn to face life’s challenges positively in a way that your robust character can support you. Life is all about challenges; were it not so you would not bother yourself to go to school or learn a trade to support yourself. Motivational speakers and writers do their thing to motivate and encourage people to be able to withstand tough and critical times. Difficulties in life are called challenges and these are overcome with a positive mentality, not the weak or negative ones which sometimes lead to suicide.


Learn to avoid negative thoughts. Even in the face of difficulties have the belief that it is just temporary and that all shall soon be well.



Learn to be a role model with positive impact on your siblings and on society. At 18 or so you are the immediate person your younger siblings at home look up to for inspiration. Whatever you do they will copy you and try to be like you. Show them the good example.




Uphold your family values. Do not be corrupted by foreign or useless values which have no meaning for you.



[This is especially for females]

At 18, for the next 2 or3 years you are going to be in your most beautiful period in your life and you are likely to be approached by more males with love proposals.

Learn to be circumspect in your choice, as some men may only want to use you to satisfy their lustful desires. Never date two men at the same time. You may have a problem with choice when both are good to you.




Learn to reject what is not beneficial and nurture your self-esteem. You have to hold yourself in high esteem to earn respect from people.


  1. MONEY

Chasing money can be a very elusive venture that can take you to where you don’t deserve to be. Take a regular check of your track to see if you are on the right path. People who neglect to do this often find themselves in dungeons.




Never forget those who brought you up. Show your gratitude. If they brought you up to grow your teeth, help them to lose their own.


  1. LIFE


Know that the world is like a stage and the people are like actors. Some have longer acting time, others very, very short time. At 18 do not think you have plenty of time ahead to live your life.


Keep reading these tit-bits from time to time to get them embedded in your mind. They will be of immense benefit to guide you through life.