The youth in Ghana today expect their leaders to lay foundations that shall mitigate difficult situations in order to enhance their standard of living in the future.The Youth

According to the youth in, their expectations are not centered on celebrating Christmas or New Year or festivals, but on what will propel them to lead a healthy, secured and prosperous life in future.


In an interview with a number of students, apprentices, workers and the unemployed, their general expectations are to be able to live a good life with opportunities for prosperity.prosperity

My interview centered on their expectations from their parents, society and the state since all three arms have indispensable roles in shaping their future.

I have given an account of my interviews with three out of the lot as appear below.

Mr. Edwin Paa Kwesi Addo, an 18 year-old 3rd year student of Accra High School said his expectation from his parents is to see him through his education up to university level, where he’ll aspire to obtain a Master’s degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering.


Paa Kwesi who lives at West Legon in Accra, expects Church organizations in the area to mobilize a number of the unemployed youth, especially in the area to give them some training in vocational skills. This will equip them with some profession to keep them busy in order not to be lured into vices like robbery to rob them at gun-point later in life.

On the part of the State he expects fee-free education for the youth which fortunately has been initiated by the current government.

He also expects the creation of more job opportunities to arrest the massive youth unemployment.


unemploymentIn his view the government should assist more unemployed graduates to establish their own business by the granting of more soft loans as capital. He added that he has special interest in mechanical engineering but find that avenues for employment in that field are very limited.

He mentioned and praised the initiative of Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo of the Kristo Asafo Mission for establishing a mechanical engineering firm and said such initiatives from the government side is woefully lacking.

He finally added that he expects to get a scholarship to study the subject of his life ambition but is afraid that after obtaining a Masters degree he may not readily get a job in Ghana and appealed to government through this site to take a look at that aspect.


My interview with Nana Evans Agyapong, 21, a Junior High School graduate from Wiamoase in Asante, offered a very sharp contrast in terms of expectations and ambition with my previous interviewee. Nana works as a tro-tro driver’s mate.

He said he has no hope or expects any assistance from his parents to continue schooling or learn a trade because they are poor and cannot support him. That is why he had traveled all the way from his village to Accra to ‘’try for himself’’.

He said though he would have liked to learn driving as a profession he doesn’t think his master will teach him for free as that is not the normal practice.

His expectations from society including churches, social groups and business organizations are to help the poor youth like himself to learn some skilled jobs to be able to earn a decent living in future.

Asked if he could make use of the government’s fee-free policy to continue his education he said despite that he will still need some financial support to be able to go through.

He expects the government to set up production factories that can offer employment to the youth like him whose education is low so that they can also contribute their quota towards building a better Ghana.


Nana Aba, 21, is an apprentice seamstress who is not interested in the profession she is learning.

In her view she does not see any secure future for her in that field since there are a lot of second hand clothes or dresses on the Ghanaian market. But sewing is what her mother had advised her to learn for her future life.

Nana does not know that through sewing she can become a big time Fashion Designer.

Her expectation from her parents is to open a shop loaded with cosmetic products for her but admits that the capital needed for this is beyond what her parents can afford.cosmetics shop

She does not expect any help from organizations such as churches and business firms because such organizations are focused on making money for themselves and are not charitable.

Nana said Churches always take money from their congregation and have never seen the church help somebody to learn or establish a business.


She lamented that there are more intelligent girls in the rural areas who can do something better with their life when they are exposed to certain opportunities like scholarships to further their education or vocational training. She said in the absence of such opportunities the girls are left with no option than to get pregnant by irresponsible men and this contributes to make their lives poorer and very miserable.rural area


She said she expects wealthy women and those in positions of authority to have a feeling of sympathy for such unprivileged girls and offer them the kind of assistance that will help them to care for themselves.

On what she expects from the government to make her own life better she said after completing her apprenticeship she would need a small capital to open her own shop if that could be possible.

Secondly she expects a reduction in transport fares so that the amount she spends on transportation would not increase again.


The views of the above three people among others, reflect some of the expectations of the youth towards a better life.

In summing up, the expectations from parents are:

  • Higher education
  • More freedom from control
  • Training for skills acquisition

From the Churches or society:

  • Training for vocational skills
  • Fulfilling physical as well as spiritual needs

From the Government or State:

  • Real fee-free education
  • Opening of job avenues
  • Establishment of production factories
  • Provision of capital for establishing business
  • Payment of unemployment benefits
  • Provision of better roads to link villages from towns
  • Honesty and transparency from leadership

Does anybody in authority have a response to these expectations?

We are waiting.



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