Having a fair idea or some in-depth knowledge about blogging before you start to blog is a very good idea.

In my case it was not so. With my vague idea of writing articles for a social newspaper some years back, I thought I could buy a domain and start posting articles the way I used to do some years back.


Blogging is quite different, I have come to learn. It involves a lot, lot more.

My desire to blog started when I started using a Smartphone. It allowed me to see many interesting things on the internet and stirred up my interest to write. I secured an email address for myself but did not mail anyone initially.


Few years later I decided to buy myself a laptop to facilitate my writing ambition, though I wasn’t computer literate. I left High school many, many years before the introduction of IT in schools.

I thought with one in my hand I could learn how to use it. In fact it wasn’t easy for me. I had no one standing behind me to show me how to do this or that. I could not leave the little job I was doing to earn my living to attend computer classes, so I continued to fumble with my laptop.

After buying my domain I could not personally post my first article. I didn’t know how to do it so I sought someone’s help and watched carefully whilst he did it. But that alone did not give me the requisite education I needed to post subsequent articles myself.

In spite of that the site was on.


Quite coincidentally I began receiving unsolicited emails from internet gurus on the web offering tutorials on computer literacy, blogging for beginners, how to promote your blog and a host of other relevant things I needed to know. I did not know how they got my email address.

I received new topics almost everyday and even didn’t have time to read them all. They were just too many and in due course I became confused over what to read and what not to read.

But I must say it opened my eyes to see and to understand some things on the net. I now have a lot of emails on my Gmail account and can click to read anything of interest or go to Google search.


I did not know whether my site was getting traffic or not, though I had a few genuine comments and a host of spam comments. I did not know how to deal with the spammers until later.

There is a lot to do to get traffic to this site and many are those who are showing me diverse ways. I wish to thank them all. Without traffic the site is like a teacher teaching in an empty classroom, according to a good friend of mine named Jon Morrow. There is nobody to listen, and with the site, nobody to read and that gets me no profit for all my efforts.



I read from one of those emails that I could make some money with Google ad sense by placing their ads on my site. It was just 3 months after my first post.

I visited their site to read of their requirements and went ahead with my application. A week later I received an email from them of what could be the best description of my site. It read as follows:

  1. Site does not comply with Google Ad sense program policies.
  2. Site does not adhere to the Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

With the above description my application was turned down. The site was not suitable for their business. I realized that I had a lot to do to improve the quality of my site. They offered me some recommendations but I did not know how to go about them. I did not even understand some technical terms.

I also realized that I needed a mentor to guide me through but still do not have one. Blogging is a specialist business and not an amateur game.


My niche was too wide and did not have a specific audience. There is growth in every stage of life and so if everybody is growing older (which is the site name) which group is my target?

Initially I grouped people according to their age and had 9 groups ranging from birth to 100+ then chose to focus on 6 groups aged between 13 to 99 years. That was some stupid idea. I did not know how to deal with the issue.

The gurus say niche is a particular group of people out of the rest and the focus should be on the needs of that particular group. I have to make a better choice of niche and have this site reorganized to attract the interest and attention of visitors.

We are all not perfect in what we do. Sometimes it is trial by error and then better results follow after persistence and then may be perfection at last.

That had been the trail of many who are now successful internet gurus. They had to struggle from somewhere before they now are able to impart knowledge or render services in a perfect way.

Many individuals and groups are now available offering free online training.


After leaving school many years ago I now have to go back and learn what has come anew, not to the classroom this time, but to on-line. This is not a job for the faint-hearted. With a host of responsibilities and thoughts and pressure already saturating the mind, it is not easy adding the stress involved in learning and memorizing new things. It could be done a lot easier just for the fun of it, but if like me you are determined to make some business out of it, then man, you’ve got to gird up your loins.

Many people are of the opinion that older people have a hard time learning new material. Whist this is true, with determination age should not be a barrier to education in any field, including ICT.


The internet offers many business opportunities, some of which are as follows:


Software programming and development


Affiliate marketing

Web consulting

Social media marketing


Information marketing

Webhosting and domain registration

Web design

Freelance writing and a lot more.


I think I am on the email list of many ‘’netpreneurs’’ as I keep getting emails asking me if I am interested in making money online, and if so to join a program for wealth creation with so many enticing descriptions and benefits. Whether these schemes are real or not my instincts warn me to be very careful with such mails. I also have those sending me regular mails with educational information attached.

But the best bet is for me to focus on one or two of the above businesses and be assured of a secured income in future.

To be able to accomplish some of the above, especially with software, one needs to have a degree in Computer Science or something of that level, and so those young people out there should take advantage of their youthfulness to learn something worthwhile for a secured future. It is their time to do things with the computer.

I am trying to put myself online because of my interest; why would I do it anyway?


Now back to finding a niche that will interest you. As you keep growing older there are specific things you have to do when you reach a specific age. For example when you reach age 20 and above one thing that comes to mind is finding a lover or a marriage partner. Even before then the most important thing is to get a job.

It was this same observation that led Abraham Maslow to write his famous hierarchy of needs. When a first layer of needs are met then come a second layer.

When you get yourself a job and feel secure you think of satisfying your love needs and so you’ll find a woman to love.

Sometimes finding a job becomes very difficult. It has so many frustrations attached but despite that it must be found at all cost or survival becomes an uneasy challenge.

In like manner it’s not easy finding the right partner when you decide to marry. It comes with many trials by error before you can succeed. Only few people never get problems making the right choice.

I am therefore going to concentrate on these two issues to give younger people the guidance they need in making choices. These are those who need (1) jobs and (2) those seeking partners in love and marriage as well as married couples.

So what happens to my older readers who already have jobs and are already married?

They are invited to join me in offering advice and teaching lessons in life to the younger generation who need guidance from the older generation.

This site is going to see more regular posts in the coming weeks. Your comments are most welcome.

See you next week.