This week is the last one in 2016 and I want to draw your attention to the importance of listening to advice as you grow older. Some young people are recalcitrant and never heed to advice from elderly persons.

Advice comes from people who are usually older than you are or who are more experienced in life than you are. They have some knowledge or opinion about something which is quite relevant to you and which you either lack knowledge of, or have no experience about and therefore share their own with you.

You’ll end up being wiser than you were if you listened attentively. It is sometimes better to be friends with people who are older than you so you can learn something from them.

Our theme for this post is: Listening, to live.

If the title of the theme does not resonate with your expectations at this time of the year, don’t worry. Just pretend to skip through, and you may soon understand why you’ll have to embrace it even without even reading the whole post.

In the local communities in Ghana there is a proverb which translates that if you don’t have an advisor, you listen attentively when someone is advising his son.


The process of listening involves a speaker and a listener or listeners. The speaker must be somebody knowledgeable or experienced in what he has to say and must have certain attributes which are not our concern here at the moment. Our focus is on the listeners and how they must listen attentively.


Knowing how to listen is an important communication tool which is indispensable at events like symposia, lectures, meetings, rallies, seminars, etc, etc. The following are essential requisites for listening attentively:



  • All your attention must be directed at the person speaking whilst you remain unperturbed or undistracted.
  • You must have an interest in the topic under discussion.
  • You must hear and understand the words of the speaker. If he speaks in a language you do not understand, it makes nonsense of your listening.
  • You must accept what you hear so it can also be transmitted into your sub-conscious mind. This will make it easier for you to remember at a later time what you heard.
  • Then also you must apply what you hear to your daily life if it is something about practical issues. It is not prudent enough to hear it and shun it. For example you heard some days ago that fornication is no good for you. You heard it and still practice it?


You listen to advice in order to correct a mistake you are making or to give you guidance at a certain point in your life as you grow older. We all thrive on pieces of advice from friends and relatives when we fall into difficult situations or want guidance on moving our lives forward.

Even if an advice is not relevant to your needs presently you may hear it. It may be relevant to you tomorrow or you could advise a friend who needs it. It also adds to your knowledge and wisdom.


As a young man or woman you may not be experienced enough to know all things even if you are a whizz kid.  Even at the university, no one lecturer lectures in all disciplines. Each Lecturer has his or her specialty and may need guidance from someone in another field to have a problem solved. This applies to you also in life. To ignore advice is to tread on dangerous grounds. It is like moving along a dangerous road with your eyes closed.

Hear this true story. A young man travelled to visit his sick friend in a village in a rural area. On his arrival his friend became very happy and they conversed for a while, having missed each other over a period of time. Shortly thereafter, the guest friend asked for where he could get good quality local gin (akpeteshie) to drink. He was shown a place where a woman sold some good stuff. There were 2 paths leading to the woman’s house. The 1st path was shorter but snakes were common on it. The 2nd path was longer but safer.

The host asked his guest to use the longer route.  The guest went to seek his favorite drink at the woman’s house using the longer route. When returning he used the shorter path to get back quickly. Nothing happened to him on the road but when he got back home the host friend reminded and warned him not to use the shorter path again. On the second day he went to drink again because according to him the stuff was too good, and the quality of the drink was not available in the city. He came back by the shorter path again and told his host that there was no danger on the road.

On the 3rd day he was to return to his base in the city but decided to go for the final showdown at the woman’s house. He did that and on his return he used the shorter path once again and when he was nearing the host’s house he was bitten by a snake. Bitten by a snake when he was coming to pick his bag and return to his base in the city? Just imagine what happened. Whatever you imagined was the result of the guest ignoring the advice of his host.snake7                                                                       A snake

I am not writing about disobedience. I am writing about ignoring advice that will save your life. Listen, and live. The guest friend did not listen to the advice of his host who knew more about the environment of his village and where danger laid.

Read a quotation from the Today’s English version which is the Good News Bible, which is very relevant to this topic or rather this topic relates to:

‘’Never rely on what you think you know. Remember the Lord in everything you do, and He will show you the right way. Never let yourself think that you are wiser than you are; simply obey the Lord and refuse to do wrong. If you do, it will be like good medicine, healing your wounds and easing your pains.’’—Proverbs 3:5-8.

May be the guest friend was playing God or God was acting through him and so the visitor should have heeded his advice and should not have relied on his own judgment or thoughts.

There is a way that seems perfect for a man to walk on, but at the end of that way is death. Inexperienced people die because they reject wisdom.


Thank you for following me up to this point. I hope you are not listening to me as we are not present physically but you are reading with interest from me to get the same message because you have clicked on this website to read this. It has the same effect as listening to me, using this medium and I thank you for your attention.



I hope you are going to keep listening to me because you’re going to get wiser reading from here always.


‘’Listen to me, son. Take seriously what I am telling you, and you will live a long life.’’ Proverbs 4:10

You are a young man who is looking forward to marriage, but you follow a lot of women. What do you lose if your father tells you to restrain yourself from chasing a lot of women and choose only one, and you obey him?

Likewise, you are a young woman who is looking forward to get married. What do you lose if your mother tells you not to rush into seeking marriage but wait for a God-fearing man?

Your parents are wiser than you are. No child is wiser than his or her parents. God did not create such a condition. So, yours is to listen to advice. Sometimes when they give you the reason behind why they are giving you a certain advice you will reason with them, but they are not obliged to do so. It is their prerogative as parents. No parent wants a bad thing for his or her children. Women, especially have a natural instinct to give protective care for their children, whether they are babies or grownups.



             Women have a natural instinct to give protective care for their babies

The Lord God Almighty whose name is Jehovah created man in his own image and consequently has a larger instinct for protecting people who listen to Him. But what does He say when you ignore his advice?

‘’People who listen when they are corrected will live, but those who will not admit that they are wrong are in danger.’’  –Proverbs 10:17

Knowledge is acquired through reading or listening and never let the opportunity be wasted whenever it comes to learn a new thing.

I wish everyone reading this post a Happy New Year with abundant blessings from God.



                              HOW TO GROW OLDER WITH WISDOM

Growing older does not affect only people who are 50, 60 or 70+ years old, but also babies who are born from the first day because they begin to grow older from the day they are born.  So, growing older affects all categories of age groups, from 1 to 100+years, as earlier posted in You Growing Older – Specific age groups published on 21st May, 2015.

This post is written particularly for the youth who are maturing into adulthood because they are also growing older just like the generations ahead of them and need to grow with wisdom.

In my last post I wrote about my new objective for the youth of this flat but round world.


                                                                    The Youth

My aim is to help young men and women to acquire a little wisdom as they grow older, through my pieces of writing, to lead their lives in a meaningful way and to depart from ways which do not please God.

With my little observations, a little knowledge and some experience, I have just the following few words to impart to the youth as well as the older generation. It is about growing older with wisdom and not just growing older. Even if you are growing up you need to do so with wisdom in order to be able to take prudent decisions affecting your life.

There is a big difference in growing older and growing up. Anybody can grow older; we grow up by always finding opportunity in change.

TODAY’S THEME: The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom


You must first of all know and acknowledge God. Most religions are based on ideas about the existence of a supreme being and are a major cause of peoples’ religious commitments. Even people who are non- religious (except those who call themselves atheists ), also believe in the existence of a supreme being who is responsible for changes in the seasons, things that happen in the soil for plants to produce food, reproduction that takes place through intricate procedures among many other things beyond human understanding.It is this Supreme Being we call God.




                                                           Lord GOD Almighty

This same God is called by different names in different languages around the world. Surely such a supreme being exists and must be acknowledged and revered by everyone, including you.


A dictionary definition of wisdom is the ability to make sensible judgments and decisions, especially on the basis of knowledge and experience.

Wisdom is therefore needed in all fields of endeavor to make sensible judgments and decisions, in order to succeed. Without wisdom there could be failure in whatever we do.

Soldiers need wisdom to succeed in battles; traders need wisdom to succeed in commerce; economists need wisdom to succeed in financial decisions; drivers need wisdom to succeed in safe driving to avoid accidents.


                                                           Soldiers ready for war

Another definition of wisdom is the fear of the Lord God Almighty.

I am going to dwell on this second definition.


To fear something is to be afraid of that thing. Fear puts terror in you and you may want to run away from that thing which terrifies you.

Look at the face of a woman who is terrified.


                                                                           The face of Fear

To fear the Lord has a slight difference in the meaning of the word as above. Fear of the Lord means reverence for Him, i.e. great respect for the Lord.

Imagine your father to be the ruler of your kingdom. Every person who comes to greet your father bows down his head. He is powerful and gives each person who visits him his food for the day and the people put him in a very high esteem. In other words they respect and fear him and must do exactly what he tells them to do.


                                                                                           A mighty King

Like above, we must do exactly what the Lord tells us to do to show our fear of Him. But in comparison, your father who is this earthly ruler is visible to you always so you do as he commands. If he travels for a day you may refuse to do something he has instructed you to do because he is not present to punish you. If he returns to find that you have refused to do what he instructed you to do you will get punished because nobody has to disobey him.

People think the Lord is far away that is why they do things they should otherwise not be doing, but the Lord is watching from where He is. The fear of the Lord has waned considerably among the youth if ever He has been feared at all by some. This is a clarion call to all people to be aware that one day, very soon the Lord will return. He will wake you up even if you’ve been dead for a million and a half years and your bones are rotten.

If you fear the Lord you will obey his commands in order NOT to enter His wrath and shall never do what He hates.

We have deviated from the commands of the Lord and made the world a place of bad and dishonest practices that seem to be the norm for survival.  If you are wise and honest you are a misfit and can’t fix yourself in conveniently. We have turned things upside down, and replaced the good with the bad, the beautiful with the ugly and white with black.


                                       Moses, with the 10 Commandments of God

As life becomes progressively difficult for people of all social and financial levels almost everywhere around the world, the pressure to survive drives even honest people to at times join the dishonesty bandwagon.

If this world were to be forever ruled by men, they will glorify dishonesty and evil, and drive the honest, poor and the oppressed people to their death which is even happening live in most places already. But God has His own thoughts which fortunately He has not hidden from us but has made known to us.

He says ‘’Honest people will lead a full happy life. But if you are in a hurry to get rich, you are going to be punished.’’

The type of punishment is not specified but if God says He will punish you, you don’t need to know the type of punishment before you change your ways. Let me warn you that it is a severe punishment and you can’t say you didn’t know else you wouldn’t have done it. Can you argue with God?

Once you read this you have been informed. The rush to get rich is nothing but dishonest and evil means to get rich quickly. That is all and nothing else. Are you waiting to get severe punishment?

People believe alright that there is a God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth but they probably do not know His wishes and commands, or even if they knew them they do not respect them. They only believe He is up there  in the heavens falling rain for us and we are here on earth living our lives the way we choose to. The way we live our lives attest to this fact.


‘’What does God care about if somebody wants some medicine to cure his ailment and I give him a fake or adulterated one?  At least I can make some extra money to take care of my kids at home.’’ Consider also the following scenarios:

  • I wake up one morning with no money in my pocket. Then I devise a plan to trick somebody to part with some money which comes into my hands and I run away with it.
  • I steal a leaflet from my father’s check-book and forge his signature to withdraw money from his bank account, though I believe that God exists.
  • I take a gun and shoot my neighbor, steal his money or anything else and probably rape his wife and get away. After all where is God?

In each of the above situations I am not showing reverence for the Lord and His wrath will surely come upon me without mercy if I don’t stop soon.

People think God is far away so they can misbehave whilst He is away. Let God sound a trumpet from the heavens today that He will be coming within a week  and see the reaction of people. Everybody will pretend to be good. But He is a God of wisdom who has his own way of doing things.


The sin most young men commit is with women. It is either fornication or adultery, and that is among the worst sins a man can commit. When you have a little money, just a come-hither sign will send women crashing at your door. It is not the number of women you sleep with that makes you a man, and competition with others over this takes you nowhere.



I did not like to take any quotes from any source yet, but this quote best describes the exact thing I want to say at this stage and can’t resist it.

‘’The lips of another man’s wife may be as sweet as honey and her kisses as smooth as olive oil. But when it is all over, she leaves you nothing but bitterness and pain. She will take you down to the world of the dead; the road she walks is the road to death. She does not stay on the road to life, but wanders off, and does not realize what is happening.’’ Proverbs 5:3-6

Well, what do I have to elaborate again after this captivating warning? If the woman is not another man’s wife, that does not give you the freedom to sleep with her. That is fornication, very bad.

You must desist from any of the scenarios listed above or any similar bad behavior. The courts will deal with you first before God’s punishment follows.

Two types of bad people exist. There are those who have been hired by the devil to do evil. They will stop at nothing because they are already condemned.

Then there are those who use subtle means to do evil such as cheating business partners and others, taking bribes before performing official duties, oppressing the less privileged in society, producing fake products and all other things that are just bad to do.


  • You must learn to have knowledge. With knowledge you’ll have reverence for the Lord. You must not be among people who have no respect for wisdom and refuse to learn. Knowledge comes from learning and will forever rule over ignorance. When you have knowledge you know what is right and it will prevent you from doing what is wrong.
  • Never engage yourself in frivolous adventures. Live moderately and do not show off even if you have more than enough of money. Remember money has invisible wings and can desert you anytime.
  • Be honest in all your dealings with your business partners and let no one have cause to doubt your integrity. Distrust can affect the good trend of your business.
  • Whenever you possibly can, help those who need help when they approach you. They will thank and bless you.
  • Never forget to pray. Prayer has the power to keep you from doing evil if you are conscientious about it.
  •                                       .praying

                                                                            Praying to God

Visit this site again next week to read the next post on the importance and benefits of listening to advice, for your guidance.






I was a novice blogger who knew nothing about blogging and was just like a seasoned journalist writing my thoughts for people to read for self-education. That in itself wasn’t a bad idea. What I didn’t know about blogging was many, including all its technical and commercial aspects.

Nevertheless I have been educating myself little by little by reading posts written by experienced bloggers and internet marketers who wrote a lot to my email address about specific topics that are involved in blogging. Some were for free; others were available at a price.

Now I need to make some changes to my writing, get a wider youth audience and continue to write what will make them wiser in a world that is deluded, not just what will interest them. It is better to be wise than to be strong.

In fact if I had a mentor I would have reached farther in blogging than where I am now. But it is so in learning, you are either taught or you learn slowly by yourself. There are so many advantages over the latter by the former. Sometimes you need your teacher to stand behind your shoulder to look at your school work and be directing you on how to solve an algebraic equation or how to answer questions in a comprehension exercise. With the teacher behind you, you can ask questions that bother your mind for clarifications and then you move ahead quickly.

Nobody became a blogger and did everything perfect from the start. When you read articles and posts on some blogs you find that many big names in blogging took about 4 years or more of trial and error to acquire the experience they now have, and have written their experiences in packaged forms for beginners like me to know better what is involved in blogging and how to do it.

After learning one or two things I want to make a slight change to this blog.

I have left the former style where I was writing to advice both young and old people about life expectations according to age, and what to do and what not to do on reaching the next age group.

Though I had some comments of recommendations and appreciated the fact that what I was writing was having the desired effect on some people, there is a need for me to streamline things a little bit to give revered guidance and inspiration to the youth to move a step forward in acquiring wisdom as they grow older.

My new style shall focus on morality, common sense and good manners. It is going to be a platform which will offer sound advice to readers such that they may abandon any negative ideas that may not help themselves and others. Much of it will deal with practical, everyday concerns at work, home, school or church or wherever and includes family relations, business dealings, matters of etiquette in social relations, self-control, among others.

In fact this new platform aims to set the youth of this world on the right path which has been deserted in so many instances by their predecessors. A funny idea, isn’t it? Some people do not know whether what they are doing is a right or wrong thing in their practical, everyday life. They have no criteria to measure or assess their manners. For example if one is born into a circle of gangsters and brought up that way, by which criteria will one be able to assess one’s manners?  Bad thoughts and actions will seem normal in that circle.

The snag is that most of the people who are supposed to read these posts may not have access to reading them. In addition to that, it is also a fact that some people, who are regarded as wealthy and acquired their wealth through dishonest and foul means, do not give a damn about nothing. Such people may be too busy devising evil plans to solidify their ill-gotten wealth and may never have time to read posts like these which could be of no use to them.

It is a mighty and arduous task for this small and obscure website to take upon itself a huge task of trying to change the perception and behavior of the youth of this world, to lead a life of honesty and integrity, devoid of all the bad practices of their predecessors in a world currently ruled by a disobedient and rebellious angel to whom many leaders have pledged to serve.

It will not be so easy to get people from this realm to think hard to change and conform to religious morality, honesty and good manners that are in harmony with God’s wishes.  Wisdom is in fact lacking among many and needs to be restored.

Preachers of good morals have a grueling task to preach for those who care to change their ways for the better. If you preach to 100 thieves about why it is bad to steal, you will get at least 10 of them to stop stealing. The condemned ones shall still go ahead stealing.

Some people are already condemned to doom, and such people shall never listen to good advice or words of wisdom. They are rooted for the devil and anything that attempts to dissociate them from him shall firmly be resisted. If you know this, you know what makes the difference between good and bad people.

I want my writing to help people, to inspire and motivate them, to change them from a worse situation to a better one.

I do not write about blogging or internet marketing; neither do I write anything about digital nor physical products for sale. I do not also write about binary options or how to make quick money on the internet; neither do I write anything about how to develop software nor monetize a blog.

As I have already stated above I am concerned about the youth desisting from living a life full of bad practices, from abandoning irresponsible life to living an honest, meaningful life.

If you read a post on this platform and get impressed the only thing I ask from you is to recommend it to one more person to also read. By doing that we hope to share wisdom among ourselves and lead a life that will bring good results to ourselves and others.

I welcome you to back to this site and wish you visit here once a week to read posts that will make you even wiser. This is the new style; this is the new objective.