Growing old is the phenomenon by which you mature from middle age into older adulthood and beyond.  The point at which you may cross from middle age to old age or the barrier between maturity and old age is 65 years and when you go beyond the barrier you are growing old. Growing old is a natural part of the life-cycle and need not to be feared.

On the other hand growing older could refer to your metamorphosis from the day you were born up to the present time of your life.

You start growing older from the day you were born and keep growing older till you die. So, both young and old keep growing older. The young shall grow old later in life.

Growing older from one stage to another



Being young has a lot of thrills. There are many things you can do and you don’t actually think whether they are good or bad. You don’t care a damn about what the consequences are; once your instinct tells you to do them you go ahead.

There is a limit to the thinking ability of most youth but few others can also think beyond conceivable limits. So there are young men who are geniuses in their field of study or work, especially in the technological field.

The youth must use their acquired skills in technology to improve their way of life and not do things which produce negative results.

Success in life starts whilst young. Nobody becomes a star in old age; it all starts from the youthful days. You hear older people boasting about their youthful days, their achievements and successes, exuberance and power, pride and prowess.

The Youth


Being young offers so many opportunities in life and any young person who has good intentions should remember that staying youthful is not forever, so if you have anything good up your sleeve let it out now. Sooner or later you’ll grow old and never be able to do the things you wished.

Yes, there is much to offer when you are young and you could enjoy all the pleasures associated with your efforts. But what pleasures can you enjoy when you are old?


Many people dread growing older because the road to their grave keeps growing shorter. Such people suffer from a condition known as gerascophobia. Refer to my post titled HOW TO AVOID THE FEAR OF AGEING published on this site on the 21st February, 2017.

The Face of Fear

Fear of ageing rather speeds up the process of growing old, the very thing you dread and are running away from, and thinking too much about it robs you of any pleasure.


Unless you lived a fulfilling life you will forever dread growing old. A fulfilling life is one in which you live in conformity with the will and commands of your Creator.

Surely growing old has its pleasures that are hidden from the youth. Unless you grow old you’ll never experience those pleasures which are reserved for only the old.

It can be compared to the wisdom of God which is hidden from those without the spirit of God and do not accept the things that come from the spirit of God because they are foolishness to them.

Simply explained, if you do not belong to a group you do not understand their way of doing things. You are a total stranger and will not understand their ways.

If you do not belong to a group you don’t know their way of doing things

Before we move on I like you to consider a few benefits of growing old.

One fact to note is that not all conditions and climates are the same in every part of the world. A lot of differences exist and I am writing my experience from a spot near the equator (not Equatorial Guinea) which is different from a spot near Iceland.

  • Respect

If you are an old person, society respects you. You are seen to be a wise person with your grey hair. At an old age you do not commit any of the sins of this world like fornication and adultery, stealing and lying, or involve yourself in any debauching behavior.


  • Priority

At old age you are given priority over other people in public places where a service is rendered. You also have special privileges from Government regarding health care and welfare.


  • Care

Due to your old age you do not work. You rest a lot because you might be weak in flesh. But your family gives you the utmost care that you need. You’ll enjoy better care from your own home or from a home that cares for the aged.

  • Pension Fund

This is the time that you may be enjoying your pension fund or savings. Isn’t that pleasing?



How can old people who can do nothing have any pleasures to enjoy?

Remember that in every situation and condition there is an advantage and a disadvantage, a rough side and a smooth side, likes and dislikes, etc.

How can you give thanks to God in a circumstance which is not to your liking? Consider losing a lover or someone very dear to your heart painfully and God is asking you to thank Him for it. Does it make sense to you? Think about it and declare your stand.

If it makes sense why can’t there be pleasures to enjoy in old age. Being old is not a condemnation. In every bad situation there likely are some advantages. So there can be some pleasures in old age. Maybe not the kind of pleasure you would think of but consider the following:

In a society which respects their elderly people you are treated as King.

  • Blessing

Growing to an old age is a blessing from God and a pleasure for the old. Blessing is a good gift from God. When God blesses someone He makes things go well for the person. Nobody likes to die whilst young so the old count it as a pleasure to be alive at their age.

  • Wisdom

Your number of years acquired on this earth allows you to gain much wisdom. Your wisdom enables you to instruct your grandchildren to lead morally upright lives. You can also give advice on problems that may arise within your family and the community in which you live.

You are seen positively as a spiritual mentor. At the same time that you can discern things spiritually and your predictions come to pass, you can be regarded negatively as a witch by your family if things you predict are not in their favor.

Not all people have your kind of wisdom.


  • Soon leaving behind the troubles of this world

If you traveled to a foreign land and had much difficulty coping with the life over there would you not be happy if you had a free ticket to return to your original country?

One of the pleasures of growing old is the knowledge that you’ll soon leave this troubled world behind you.

  • Eternal Rest

The thought of soon going to have eternal rest from your labors is refreshing indeed for the old. Who does not like taking rest from hard work and a body probably embattled with cancer or stroke or hypertension?

There’s a verse in the Methodist Hymn Book which sings as follows:

Now the labourer’s task is over,

Now the battle day is past;

Now upon the farther shore

Lands the voyager at last.

Father in Thy gracious keeping

Leave me now Thy servant sleeping.


  • Nearer My God to Thee

At old age your thoughts are on things spiritual, not earthly. You do not commit yourself too much to earthly things as already mentioned. Trying to avoid these things give you some peace of mind which is vital to living the rest of your life here on earth whilst thinking about the type of mansion Jesus had built for you up there. You might be nearer the mansion than you think. What’s more pleasurable when still all your song shall be nearer my God to thee.

  • Attaining God-Consciousness

Attaining God-consciousness is the ultimate stage of man’s sanctity and uprightness.  At this level you have attained the highest form of spirituality and can cause a dead person to rise up. You can say things to trees or animals and they will obey you.

God created man in his own image and gave him a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline to live his life.

If knowing that you have this power to do what will glorify God and help mankind and it does not give you pleasure, what on this earth will please you again?

This consciousness is not attained by living anyhow as some men do. It is attained by making a conscious effort to live by the spirit as stated in Galatians 5: 16-17.

‘’ Live by the spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. ‘’

Then also, by the God life as directed by the Apostle Paul and his friend Timothy to people at Colosse. – Colossians 3: 1-17.

It is not a consciousness for the youth. It is a pleasure for the old to attain.



Many a time young people think the ideas of old people are archaic and irrelevant to their lives and have introduced their own value systems and weird behaviors to suit their whims and caprices.

A people that deny their elderly persons and reject their wisdom and guidance have not only robbed old age of its meaning but have also denied themselves of the meaning of their own existence and lost their direction.