Your personal satisfaction and self-esteem stem from having a job that provides full satisfaction and happiness to your personality. Having a job that provides you with these qualities do not happen by chance but by making a conscious effort to choose the right career.

Many factors go into the making of the right choice.


At what level of your education should you decide on and choose a career?

Some people have innate qualities for acquiring some skills and only need very little effort to qualify for a relevant profession. Others have to learn hard to be able to qualify for the same profession.

Your level of education determines the career that you choose. The higher you go the more sophisticated your career becomes. You cannot become a Lawyer with a High school certificate; neither can you become a Surgeon with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Management.

At the university the course you pursue has a major impact on the choice of your career because the course prepares or orientates your mind towards that particular direction. By choosing to major in Civil Engineering technology your career as a Civil Engineer has been chosen, though you may be able to work in an Insurance company.

Aside of being in the University you can examine yourself to determine what skills you are gifted with; I mean your natural talents so that you can explore them to help you choose a career.

Your educational qualifications may not be high enough to choose your desired career. However you may have some talent which you’ll have to discover, because somewhere in your composition there is some combination of qualities that make you stand out from your peers.

In the areas of business, technology, music, entertainment, equipment repairs, etc, you have something to offer the world in exchange for money. You could be good at motor-cycle repairs and not know it until yours developed a fault and you tried your hands on it. Sometimes you have to be versatile to discover yourself. Think out what interests you and try your hands on them.


What are you learning at school or university? Is it theory or practical oriented? What interestes you most?

Take a look at your country’s economic development and industrialization. Are there any programs for computerization in schools and in private business? What about the level of food production? Is entrepreneurship encouraged? Do you have good roads and transportation systems? Which areas can you use your knowledge to improve or explore?

All the above provide career and job opportunities.



You have to consider a number of factors before you choose a particular career. Sometimes choice between alternatives becomes difficult and these factors help in directing you to choose the better option.

Your Interest

You must have an interest in the work you are going to do otherwise you’ll soon abandon it in search of an alternate one. Your interest in a vocation or job causes you to focus your mind and attention to learn it well to enable you to become a genius in that field of work.

When Mark Zuckerberg started experimenting with his technology, he might have encountered one or two problems but did not abandon it. Due to his interest in what he was doing he went ahead and successfully created a platform that millions of people use today to connect with their friends.


You should not consider working at the Bank just because one or two friends have been employed by a Bank. Your field or interest may not be tied to sitting in an office.

You may probably be interested in joining wires or metal fabrication or even working with wood. When you follow that course you’ll progress steadily with acquiring the necessary skills to become an expert electrician or carpenter.

You must have the necessary skills for the career that you are aiming at.

Opportunities for growth

Nobody wants a job or career that has no opportunities for growth so be careful in choosing an employer.

With some employers there are no opportunities for advancement and with such employers you may find yourself stuck with a dead-end job for which you’ll spend years finding an escape route, instead of progressing. In that case you will definitely be an unhappy man and that unhappiness shall follow you into other areas of your life and make you a self-pity person.

There are employers who think only about the profits their businesses are out to make and care less about employees’ welfare, not to talk about promotions.


Everything I have written here for you to read is to guide you to get a good pay from the career that you choose. That is exactly the focus of this post.

Why would you want to choose a career without considering the ROI on it?

This consideration shall also lead you to consider what job opportunities are available in your country as have already been mentioned above.

These are remote factors that are worth considering.


If you consider the factors that should affect your decision to choose then it should not be difficult to choose but sometimes there is difficulty where your interests are widespread. You may also have read better and had a change of mind to pursue a different and a better career.

But if you find yourself unable to make a choice between two options it means both interest you. In all cases you have to rely on your gut-feeling because one will by all means appeal more to you when you go into some witty details.

If that still do not work for you just toss a coin to make your choice. If after making the coin choice you find that your mind is still not at ease with it just switch to the other and you have finally made your choice.


There are careers that lead to success and job satisfaction. But what interests you and can lead you to success can be boring or uninteresting to another. There are certain jobs that are considered high paying. They usually demand more in terms of financial input and take a long time to get trained in for specialization.

High paying jobs are usually found in the medical field where Anesthesiologists or Anesthetists (Doctors who are trained to administer anesthetics) receive annual remunerations of over $250,000.

Further down the line are Surgeons and Physicians as well as Pharmacists. Due to technological changes and innovations Software Developers are on the list of high paying jobs.

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Most careers demand in-service training and that is usually done at the expense and benefit of your employer. After your training you become an asset to the company because they have spent money to train you to be able to perform better to raise their image. After your training some companies will require you to sign an agreement with them regarding the minimum number of years you should work for them before you are free to leave if you want to.


You train in a career to have the requisite qualification to work for someone who pays you.

Now there’s an option for that trend. You can train yourself to work for yourself, even without adequate working capital.

There are lots of opportunities on the internet for work at home schemes that offer employment avenues. All you have to have is a little knowledge about how to operate a Laptop or a Smartphone and be very passionate about what you are doing. There are endless guidelines that teach you what to do and how to do it.

Explore the internet for more information and business opportunities.